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Nado Inc. is a company which is specialized in the fabrication of metal products of all kind. Our costumers is constituted of world-class enterprise implicated in domains like communication, electrical energy transport, medical equipment supplies, furnitures, light duty vehicle and railway transport and more. We can meet the requirement standards of quality required from our costumers of international range. We are also accredited ISO 9001-2008. Our employ can assist you in the realization of all kind of projects that you are planning and they may participate in the research and development of your products. With our equipments of high performance and our knowings, we can warrant precision that is required to fabric your prototypes and final products or half-end.
We may also assure to continue the productivity of your product in small, medium or large series. Our competitive spirit which define our company is the result of constant growing since the beginning and we make sure to always be able to answer the international rivality.

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